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5 ways to beat the post-travel blues

1. Give yourself a break. Know that the post-travel blues are something that most people will experience when they return from a long period of travel. It’s tough to leave behind all that fun and freedom and find yourself back where you started. Give yourself some time to adjust. You’re allowed to feel down for a while.…… Continue reading 5 ways to beat the post-travel blues


The colour changes of Uluru at sunset

I’ve met many people who have visited Australia, but didn’t get a chance to see Uluru, or Ayers Rock, while they were here. Australia is a very big place so it’s pretty much impossible that you’ll get to see everything in one trip. However, Uluru was a must-see for me so I decided to squeeze…… Continue reading The colour changes of Uluru at sunset


An introduction to Australia

Australia is miles and miles of golden sand, glamorous and hip cities, wide open spaces, coffee heaven, and home to some seriously scary wildlife. It’s a beautiful, wild and very fun country to visit. There is so much to see and do here – the possibilities are endless. It’s a long way from anywhere so I would advise that you visit for a longer…… Continue reading An introduction to Australia