Gallery: Penang, Malaysia

Georgetown in Penang is by far my favourite place in Malaysia. Penang is split between the mainland of Malaysia and Penang Island, which is connected by a long bridge. Penang Island is where you’ll find Georgetown, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and very popular tourist destination. I visited a couple of other places in Penang, but I spent most of my time in Georgetown.

If you love beautiful architecture, bright colours, delicious food and relaxing in cafes, then Georgetown is the place for you. The streets are lined with prettily painted old buildings, and small but elaborate temples are often nestled inbetween. My favourite thing to do here was simply wander around and see what I’d find.

There are plenty of other activities to keep you busy. You can take the funicular railway to the top of Penang Hill for a view over the city, take a bus ride to the beach, or visit Fort Cornwallis, the largest standing fort in Malaysia. Georgetown has become famous for its street art. You can get free maps which tell you where all the artworks are located.

I can’t do a post about Penang without mentioning the food. Out of all the places I travelled to in Asia, Georgetown was the place I embraced street food the most. Each evening the streets would fill up with vendors selling the most delicious food. There are some excellent restaurants in Georgetown as well, but I often preferred the street food experience.

2015-08-14 12.15.22 (600x800)
The Chinatown area of Georgetown
2015-08-14 12.16.45 (800x600)
The Chinatown area of Georgetown
2015-08-14 12.12.32 (800x600)
The Chinatown area of Georgetown
2015-08-14 12.10.07 (600x800)
Kapitan Keling Mosque
2015-08-16 12.29.55 (600x800)
Pinang Peranakan Mansion
DSC02359 (800x476)
Trishaw drivers taking a break in Georgetown
DSC02361 (800x533)
Yap Kongsi Temple
2015-08-16 12.24.23 (800x528)
Goddess of Mercy Temple
2015-08-15 12.49.46 (600x800)
Fort Cornwallis
2015-08-15 12.51.05 (557x800)
Fort Cornwallis
DSC02339 (533x800)
Duishan Lee Jetty
DSC02327 (800x533)
Crazy stilts!
DSC02331 (800x533)
The view from the jetty
DSC02335 (800x533)
The view from the jetty
DSC02337 (800x533)
The view from the jetty
DSC02336 (800x533)
The view from the jetty
DSC02340 (800x533)
A view of the Kuan Yin Floating Temple
DSC02355 (533x800)
Alleyways leading to the Kuan Yin Floating Temple
DSC02346 (533x800)
Kuan Yin Floating Temple
DSC02347 (554x800)
Kuan Yin Floating Temple
DSC02350 (800x533)
Kuan Yin Floating Temple
DSC02351 (800x533)
Kuan Yin Floating Temple
DSC02354 (533x800)
Kuan Yin Floating Temple

Thank you for checking out this post. I hope you enjoyed it! Have you visited Penang? Let me know your favourite sights in the comments. xx




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