Gallery: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

There’s something about big cities that polarises people. I met a few travellers who weren’t crazy about Kuala Lumpur, or KL as it’s known, because they thought it was full of skyscrapers and not much else. For me, however, I fell in love with this modern, exciting city as soon as I arrived.

KL is the capital of Malaysia, and is the sixth most visited city in the world. The airport here is a major hub for travel to other parts of South-East Asia and the rest of the world, so if you’re travelling around South-East Asia there’s a good chance you’ll connect through KL airport (it’s a really nice airport!).

The first thing I did when I arrived, after a long journey with not much sleep, was head to the Petronas Towers – the tallest twin towers in the world.  For some reason I was totally fascinated by these buildings, and I spent a lot of my time in KL simply sitting with a cold drink and staring at them from various viewpoints. There is just something about the design that I find really beautiful, and I particularly love how they look illuminated at night.

There is a lot to do in KL, but you could probably squeeze it all in to three or four days. I visited the Kuala Lumpur Tower, Merdeka Square, Petaling Street Chinatown, Jamek Mosque, the Botanical Gardens and the Batu Caves. I also spent lots of time walking the city to see what I could find – on one occasion I wandered into a Grand Prix event!

The shopping malls in KL are amazing – glamorous, air-conditioned and full of great shops and even better food courts. Public transport is also good. I used the subway most of the time and, although it could sometimes get quite crowded, it was generally very good. Maybe I have a soft spot for Kuala Lumpur because it’s the first city I visited entirely by myself. But I had a great time here and there’s definitely much more to it than skyscrapers.

KL (1) (533x800)
Petronas Towers
KL (2) (533x800)
A view of the Petronas Towers from the Kuala Lumpur Tower
2015-08-05 19.31.23 (600x800)
Petaling Street is the Chinatown area with lots of food stalls
11882908_10100392964006622_2518453217584872064_o (800x534)
Merdeka Square
2015-08-06 12.40.30 (600x800)
A display of Malaysian Batik
2015-08-06 19.26.23 (600x800)
I love trees growing in urban spaces
2015-08-07 19.53.42 (800x600)
Light and fountain show outside the Petronas Towers
2015-08-07 20.58.03 (645x800)
The Petronas Towers at night
2015-08-09 13.34.46 (600x800)
A view of the Petronas Towers from a nearby park with a beautiful whale sculpture
2015-08-09 15.08.20 (800x600)
I wandered into a Grand Prix event!
KL (4) (800x533)
Botanical Gardens
KL (5) (800x533)
A lizard crossed my path in the Botanical Gardens!
KL (6) (800x533)
A view of Jamek mosque at the confluence of the Gombak and Klang rivers
KL (7) (533x800)
The steps leading to the Batu Caves
KL (8) (533x800)
Inside the Batu Caves

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know in the comments if you did! If you’d like to share on Pinterest, feel free to use the picture below. xx



3 thoughts on “Gallery: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  1. I am completely in love with these SE cities. Love the towers, they sure define the city. Was the lizard that small? Loved reading your blog post. Check out mine when you have time! Thanks 🙂

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