Food & drink you have to try in Myanmar

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Stir-fry dish. Stock image

Myanmar is probably not as well known for its cuisine as other countries in South-East Asia, such as Thailand and Vietnam. Personally, I really enjoyed the food here, and the dining experience as a whole, which usually involved loads of different dishes and everyone tucking in and trying a bit of everything.

1. Burmese curries. One of my favourite restaurants in all of South-East Asia was Be Kind to Animals The Moon in Bagan. I stopped there for lunch during my scooter tour of temples on the Bagan plains. This vegetarian restaurant has a menu full of the most delicious curries with ingredients like aubergine and pumpkin instead of meat. I’d suggest you try as many of the dishes as possible!

2. Help yourself BBQs. My guide in Myanmar recommended that we try the BBQ restaurants that are popular with locals. You’re given a basket and you choose your own meat and veg kebabs from fridges that line the walls of the restaurant. Your food is then cooked for you and brought over to the table. You can keep going back for more if you’re still hungry. This was a really fun, laid back dining experience, and the food was so good.

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Vegetables. Stock image

3. Rice and noodles. Burmese cuisine is very varied and has many influences from neighbouring countries. You can get lots of rice and noodle dishes in Myanmar, so if you’re a fan of these, you won’t run out of options.

4. Seafood. I didn’t travel to the coast in Myanmar, but I still ate some delicious seafood. Whole fishes grilled on the BBQ were a favourite for me.

5. Myanmar beer. There’s nothing like a cold beer when you’re travelling in South-East Asia. Myanmar is not known as a destination for partying, and nightlife is almost non-existent. But you can drink at beer or rum “stations” which are very chilled out places for locals to gather.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What were your favourite foods in Myanmar? Let me know in the comments! xx


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