The intricate art of lotus flower fabric

Update: This was featured by Lonely Planet in a monthly-round up of their favourite blog posts. Check it out here. Did you know that fabric can be created from the stems of lotus flowers? I had no idea until I visited Inle Lake in Myanmar, where I spent some time learning about local industries. After…… Continue reading The intricate art of lotus flower fabric


An introduction to Myanmar

Myanmar is, quite simply, an incredible place to visit. Of the countries that make up South-East Asia, it’s probably one of the least visited by tourists, and there are many reasons for this. The main one being the country’s turbulent history and oppressive military rule which ended as recently as 2011. A gradual liberalisation process…… Continue reading An introduction to Myanmar

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Elephant tourism – is it ever OK?

Who doesn’t love elephants? These gentle giants are known for their intelligence, long memory span, close family bonds and playfulness. For many tourists, elephants are one of the greatest draws of travel to South-East Asia where you can pay to interact with them in a number of ways. And who wouldn’t want to get close…… Continue reading Elephant tourism – is it ever OK?