Tips for your first Full Moon Party

Getting ready for the Full Moon Party at Haad Rin Beach, Ko Pha Ngan

Full Moon Parties seem to polarize people – they’re either top of your to-do list or something you wanna avoid like the plague. I went travelling when I was 26 so, even though I was still up for nights out, I was more interested in the cultural side of things than pure partying. But I still felt like the Full Moon Party was something I needed to cross off my ‘life list’.

The Full Moon Party is an all-night beach party held on or around every full moon, which originated at Haad Rin Beach in Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand, in 1985. I believe there are now lots of copycat parties elsewhere, but I decided to go to the original at Haad Rin. One really cool thing about this location is how the full moon rises directly in the middle of the crescent-shaped beach, almost like its watching over all the party-goers.

Full Moon Parties have a pretty simple concept; you turn up at the beach once the sun goes down and party till sunrise! There is all kinds of crazy entertainment and a wide range of music from trance to reggae. The parties can attract up to 30,000 people so it turns into a pretty wild night.

It’s fair to say that Full Moon Parties have a pretty notorious reputation so, if you’re feeling a little apprehensive about attending one, here are some tips and advice on how to stay out of trouble and have one of the most fun nights of your life!

Getting ready for the Full Moon Party at Haad Rin Beach, Ko Pha Ngan

1. Stay near the beach. I’ve seen other bloggers giving the opposite advice, but I had a great experience staying at a hotel right on Haad Rin beach. This might not be possible for you, depending on your budget or if you just want to stay in another part of Ko Pha Ngan. For me, staying on the beach was so convenient. We could walk out of the hotel and directly into the party. Hotel staff stamped our hands on the way out and checked before they let us back in again so non-guests couldn’t get into the hotel. It was great to be able to pop back to our room if we needed to and so nice being able to get back to our beds quickly when the party finished.

2. Get a local sim card. Party-goers tend to get split up from their friends and, with a crowd of 30,000 people, it’s hard to find them again. Buy a cheap sim card so you can easily text your friends if you do get split up. I was with a group of about six people and we inevitably lost each other! 

Koh Phanghan (10) (800x600)
By the pool in the hotel. The party happened just beyond the palm trees.

3. Wear shoes. You think you’d be OK barefoot at a beach party, but I’d advise that you wear shoes that fully cover your feet (I wore ballet-style pumps) because there can be broken glass around and a lot of people end up cutting their feet.

4. Don’t wear your favourite clothes. You’re gonna end up with glow-in-the-dark paint all over your clothes by the end of the night so don’t wear anything you’re worried about getting ruined.



5. Buy your party clothes in Ko Pha Ngan. The shops near Haad Rin Beach are full of Full Moon Party-style clothing (tank tops featuring neon colours, slogans, tassles), as well as flower head bands and face paint.

6. Don’t take much with you. It’s also pretty common for party-goers to lose their phone or wallet. You don’t need much at a Full Moon Party other than your phone and cash. I kept mine in a pouch that I wore around my neck and under my clothes.

Koh Phanghan (14) (800x600)
Fire poi

7. Buy drinks from sealed bottles. The Full Moon Party is famous for buckets of alcohol. You can buy them on the beach with a sealed bottle of alcohol and can of mixer inside, which are opened and poured in front of you. This way you know what you’re drinking.

8. Stay out of the sea. Aside from the obvious dangers of swimming in the sea when you’ve been drinking lots of alcohol, the sea was basically being used as the nearest toilet. I sat down on the beach at one point, looking out to sea, and I was faced with a wall of men peeing! You don’t wanna go in there.

Koh Phanghan (26) (800x600)
Full Moon Party in full swing

9. Try and avoid injury. There are a lot of crazy activities at the Full Moon Party. One of the most notorious is the “fire rope” – a very long skipping rope that has been set on fire. Two guys continually swing it around while party-goers jump in whenever they’re brave enough. I actually did this myself, which I still kinda can’t believe?! I got away with a small scrape on my foot from losing my balance and falling over, but a lot of people just ran straight into the rope and the fire came into direct contact with their skin and hair. People can get pretty bad burns from this thing so, if you do it, be careful.

10. Stay away from drugs. Just don’t do it. It’s not worth ending up in a Thai jail.

The fire rope

What tips for the Full Moon Party would you give? I hope you enjoyed this post. If you’d like to share this post on Pinterest, feel free to use the picture below. xx

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