Gallery: Can Tho, Vietnam

Visitors to Vietnam usually travel through the country from north to south or vice versa. I arrived in the South and worked my way up, having arrived in Vietnam by bus via the land border with Cambodia.

My first stop was Can Tho, which is one of the biggest cities in Vietnam and famous for its floating market. I stayed in a homestay, which was a really great experience. The local family who ran it cooked an absolute feast for us – it was so delicious!

My stay in Can Tho was pretty short, but I enjoyed a boat ride through the floating market. This is where I tasted my first Vietnamese coffee – which I very quickly fell in love with – served from a lady in a boat which pulled up right next to ours. Here are some pictures…I hope you enjoy!

Can Tho (2) (800x600)
Bridge leading from the eating area to the bedrooms
Can Tho (5) (800x600)
My bed (and mosquito net) for the night
Can Tho (800x600)
The homestay owners showing us how to make pancakes
Can Tho (3) (800x600)
My first sunset in Vietnam
Can Tho (4) (800x533)
Boat ride from the homestay to the floating market
Can Tho (6) (800x533)
Homes along the river

Can Tho (7) (800x533)Can Tho (8) (800x533)Can Tho (9) (800x533)

Can Tho (10) (800x533)
Coffee Cafe at the floating market
Can Tho (11) (800x538)
The floating market
Can Tho (12) (800x534)
The floating market
Can Tho (13) (526x800)
This guy had the coolest method for cutting pineapples
Can Tho (14) (800x533)
Floating petrol station
Can Tho (15) (800x533)
This house had recently collapsed

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