Five foods you have to try in Thailand

thai-food-518035_1920 (2) (800x600)
Noodles           Picture: Stock image

1. Rice and noodles. There are endless noodle and rice dishes in Thailand, pad Thai being the most famous, so if you love these foods you’ll be a happy traveler. I ate A LOT of rice and noodles, even for breakfast – amazing!

rice-650108_1920 (2) (800x598)
Fried rice           Picture: Stock image

2. Massaman curry. Curry dishes in Thailand are as varied as rice and noodles. One that I absolutely fell in love with was massaman curry, which is mainly made up of meat and potatoes. It came to be a real comfort food for me while I was travelling.

green-curry-1736804_1920 (2) (800x533)
Green curry       Picture: Stock image

3. Colourful curries. I had heard of Thai red and green curry before I traveled to Thailand, but I hadn’t heard of Thai yellow curry, and I even found a pink curry in a bar in Chiang Kong!

food-1549259_1920 (2) (676x800)
Noodle soup        Picture: Stock image

4. Soups. Again, there’s a great variety of soups in Thailand and I lived on noodle soups while I was there. They make a great light lunch and are so tasty and refreshing. I also found them to be a great comfort food, like the massaman curry above. My favourites usually included chicken and greens.

gourmet-809866_1920 (2) (800x533)
Spring rolls             Picture: Stock image

5. Spring rolls. I’m sure you’ve all heard of these, but they are such a classic and so delicious. They make a great snack or light lunch, but I usually had them as a side with a another dish because I’m greedy and they’re just too good to resist!

What are some of your favourite Thai foods? Let me know in the comments and please like and share if you enjoyed this post.


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