Food and drink you have to try in India

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Dosa      Picture: Stock image

1. Dosa – I had never heard of Dosa before I arrived in India, but it quickly became one of my favourite foods to order at lunch or dinner. It’s similar to a savoury pancake and it’s served with lots of sauces and fillings. I particularly liked dosa made with buckwheat.

Mysore (2) (800x600)
Sadhya is curry served on a banana leaf – and eaten with your hands!

2. Sadhya – Sadhya is a variety of curries and rice served on a banana leaf, which originates from South India. There’s something really satisfying about eating curry and rice with your hands, although it requires some skill when you’re used to a knife and fork! Some people I traveled with didn’t want to eat with their hands, but you should definitely try it.

thali-51996_1920 (800x600)
Thali       Picture: Stock image

3. Thali – This is made up of a variety of dishes served on a platter. The first time I tried this was in Agra, after a day of sightseeing at the Taj Mahal.

chai-975685_1920 - Copy (800x533)
Chai      Picture: Stock image

4. Chai – Chai, which means tea in Hindi, is the best tea I’ve ever tasted. I think it’s something to do with being brewed in a big pot with warm milk that gives it such a nice taste. I particularly enjoyed drinking chai out of little clay pots from chaiwalas (tea sellers). You should also try Masala Chai, which is tea brewed with lots of spices such as cinnamon, cloves and ginger. Amazing!

mango-390686_1920 (2) (800x524)

5. Lassi – I had heard of lassi before travelling to India, but I hadn’t tried it and it quickly became another of my favourites. Lassi is a yoghurt drink, usually mixed with fruit such as mango or banana. Refreshing and delicious.

I hope you enjoyed this post – it’s making me hungry while I write it! What are some of your favourite Indian foods?


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