Gallery: Kerala, India

My memories of Kerala are tinged with a little sadness. This has nothing to do with the place itself, which I absolutely loved, but because it was my final destination in India. My last night in this incredible country turned out to be pretty magical. I had a guided walk along the backwaters where I saw one of the most vibrant sunsets I’ve ever seen, followed by a boat ride in the moonlight. It was a very peaceful and beautiful end to my time in India. Kerala, like Kochi, is a good example of how different the north and south are. Compared with the chaos of the cities in the north, Kerala is very calm and tranquil.

Kerala backwaters
Kerala backwaters
I loved the colourful flowers on these trees
The guesthouse where I stayed with a lovely local family
I couldn’t resist taking a picture of this woman’s outfit. I loved the little pink handbag!
Kerala backwaters
Kerala backwaters
One of the many beautiful houseboats to be seen in Kerala
Sunset over Kerala

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